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7 Things You Should Know About Tiwa Savage

tiwa savage
Music Diva: Tiwa Savage

The Mavin first lady, diva of all time, commandant of the bills soldiers, sexy expectant mother… on and on goes the list of things Tiwa Savage is and listless are her accolades in the entertainment industry.

Began at the age of 16 as a backup singer for George Micheal, spiralled up the ladder of success, way way to the top and has still not stopped climbing.

Here is a quick scan through the diva;

  1. Asides from Tiwa Savage’s love for shoes, she has a thing for microphones. Who can blame her? she was born with this voice that makes all her words come out as songs, I mean she practically sings all her words. She also has a talent in dancing to go with her stage performance that keeps everyone wondering if she will be picking up a career in it soon.
  2. The camera makes her look too good and unreal like a barbie but trust me, this woman is beautiful in person, in and out, with or without make-up! Yes, you can always refer this page when you finally get to see her in person!
  3. Her years abroad saw bullying for being black, skinny and African like it was a disease. Today, she has God and her mum to thank for all those years of loving which groomed her into becoming a strong woman.
  4. Tiwa agrees to have changed from the times when she used to be a simple and carefree lady before stardom to a more careful person to avoid her mistakes being blown as the public watches her every move under a microscope of scrutiny.
  5. The diva has her face on Pepsi, name on Mtn, tongue in Maggi, hand in Forte oil; she is still working on her recognition as one of the front-runners of African music internationally. Don’t be surprised if you find her on posters running for the presidency…lol.
  6. The princess fell in love with her manager, Tunji Balogun (teebillz) and struck a no return, no exchange deal and stole his last name… they are expecting their little soldier very soon.
  7. Amongst other things, Tiwa Savage Balogun is an achiever per excellence!

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