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Toke Makinwa’s Marriage Hits the Rocks?



The mouth-gaping scandal of Maje impregnating his ex-girlfriend, Anita Solomon, has been a recent story and a troubling one at that. This allegation and story has blown across social media.

The Nigerian radio personality, television host, and vlogger Toke Makinwa married Maje Ayida, son of a billionaire, who owns a fitness company in Nigeria.

There are rumours surrounding their marriage, which many fear is about to hit the rocks.

The story alleged that ex-girlfriend of Maje Ayida, Anita Solomon, whom he dated for 8 years, had gotten pregnant for him and is currently in the UK to give birth.

According to SDK’s informant, the 8-year relationship was broken off when Toke and Maje were about to get married, but obviously a change of heart had occurred when he decided to rekindle old flames with Anita.

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Anita Solomon was based in Calabar before travelling. According to a report by SDK, Ayida was dating Solomon while he was also dating Makinwa. (Talk about an epic scandal)

Makinwa took the time to address the issue on Instagram, as she wrote:

“The amount of emails I have received from women across the world going thru difficult situations is heartbreaking. (Thank you all for sharing). In a world where the popular belief out there is that women hate each other, women can’t stand each other, etc. I have gotten emails/calls from women sharing their own personal pain and that is courageous. I can’t reply everyone, (even though I honestly wish I could). It is funny how God uses even the most unbelievable things to bless you. I have been given a voice, a platform, (I don’t even know how it’s all happened) but I woke up one day and I found God and with that came purpose. It’s never about you, as hard as it seems, sometimes you go through things not for you but for the people around you who need direction, a word of prayer or more. May God heal every broken heart out there, may His light give you the courage to begin to love yourself. It is tough being a woman, the pressure is real. You don’t have to be a victim, you can rise above it all. Do not let society tell you otherwise. Be Bold, Be Strong. Trust God’s purpose for your life and keep shinning. *And Yes, to all the people asking, there is a Vlog this week *

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