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Traditional Worshipers Recommend Spiritual Cure to Covid-19


The Ogun State Coordinator of Traditional Worshipers Association, Oluwo Fasola Faniyi has implored Traditional Rulers to appease Obaluaye, the custodian of healing, as an antidote to deal with the menace of Coronavirus that has claimed many lives globally.

Speaking with the journalists in Ota, Oluwo Faniyi said, sacrifices and offerings were made to Obaluaye against the spread of diseases that emerged in the olden days, imploring all traditionalists to pray with their various deities in all parts of the country.

“The Traditional Worshipers should use their wisdom to tackle issue like this, it is an avenue to showcase our belief and to convince the government that tradition still works as an antidote. I think this should be part of our contribution to the society”, Faniyi said.

He added that certain herbs and ancient practices might help protect against COVID-19, or ease its symptoms, positive effects using herbal therapy included better control of fever, quicker clearance of chest infections, lesser consumption of steroids and other symptom relief.

He said that traditional methods continue to divide opinion and their success, but it was difficult to gauge when used together or in combination with modern drugs, noting that it might unusual in not giving its patients herbs, and has been ordered to do so after treatment elsewhere in the country, but suggested it may help.

“In fact, Africans will soon learn to retrace their steps back to their lands, cultures, spirituality and resume faith with their ancestors, because it seems that our ancestors are angry with the way we handling things in the name of modernization”, Faniyi said

He enjoined traditional worshipers to abide with the government regulations, saying all ongoing festivals should stop, as it has been pronounced that no gathering should be above fifty, while regular washing of hands with soap should be adhered to.

Faniyi disclosed that all the traditional worshipers in the State were fully in support of Governor Dapo Abiodun-led administration, promising to do the needful to curtail the present situation.

He advised individuals to hang ‘Akoko‘ leaf on the entrances of their houses, as well as ‘Tagiri‘ at the corners of their houses too for precautions.



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