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Tradomedical Expert Commends FG’s Roles in Combating Coronavirus


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta

A tradomedical expert, Chief Ola Olasunbo has lauded the state and federal governments for various measures put in place to curtail and fight the dreaded coronavirus pandemic that is ravaging the world.

Chief Olasunbo who specifically mentioned the efforts of government in looking inwards by given support to the traditional medicine producers and other health researchers in the country said the gesture will accelerate the move to permanently find a cure to the disease that has almost brought the world economy to its kneel.

Chief Olasunbo who said this while speaking with newsmen in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, thanked the government for its efforts at curtailing the covid-19 pandemic, also emphasised that the government support for alternative medicine and other orthodox means will assist in the quest to find a lasting solution to the disease.

Chief Olasunbo who is the producer of Dr. White’s products, said the alternative medicine remains one of the strongest means of finding a cure to covid-19, saying that its symptoms were almost like some old diseases.

He likened the symptoms of COVID 19 to some ailments like smallpox, chickenpox that have solutions through local herbs.

He said, “I am a traditional herbal producer that has been in the profession for long. I started my foray into traditional medicine full time since 2005 I researched and came out with the first drug known as harbogine herbal drug, my father was also a traditional medical doctor who built a hospital in Ondo State.

‘When the government started given recognitions to alternative medicine, my father in 1980 built the first clinic in Ondo state, and through him many ailments were cured.

“When I also started my own, many drugs that I researched into have been certified by NAFDAC as clinically fit for the treatment of diseases they were made for”.

While appreciating the government for looking inwards in the search for the cure of coronavirus, Dr Olasunbo said “Nigeria have experienced, highly effective drugs that have been researched into to treat the disease”.

“Now that President Buhari led government is encouraging alternative medicine to put on their thinking caps on how to fight this disease, many of us have submitted our drugs to National Agency for Food,  Drugs Administration and Control, NAFDAC for it to be clinically tested, with which we hope the results will be favourable.

“The government is on its toe every day to curtail its spread, the coronavirus is like European fever, you know that for a long time, Africans have been battling with different kinds of fever, and we have been curing them, so why are we afraid to now use the same drugs that its been used to treat these malaria symptoms for covid-19?

“My belief is that with government support to herbal medicine producers, we will win the battle against coronavirus in no distance time

“One important lesson that I hope we have all learnt from this pandemic is that we are on our own. We must look inwards. We must look for solutions to our problems from Africa.

“Government should continue to identify, support and mentor us so that we can excel. We don’t need to rely on everything from Europe or other developed countries. God has blessed us with all necessary herbs to find a solution to the problem of pandemic that is ravaging the world.

“Coronavirus has about eleven symptoms,  and all these symptoms are being treated according to what manifest in individuals, with fever and all other diseases like whooping cough, high fever, measles asthma and what have you, if we can treat and cure them here, why are we running away from local solution?

“Like government and health workers do tell us that a healthy environment is a panacea to disease-free society, we the herbal drug producers have standards which we follow while manufacturing these drugs, gone are the days when people says our drugs have no measurement or lack necessary health standards, we have gone beyond that, various government regulatory bodies now supervised our operations which tell us that our products is as good as any others from any parts of the world”.

While advising the people to follow different preventive measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the society, Chief Olasunbo assures that coronavirus will soon be a thing of the past if all support government and other health workers in the herculean task of making our society disease free.





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