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Troop Out to Vote in Saturday’s Election-APC Appeals to Members


By Tunde Oyekola, Osogbo

All Progressives Congress (APC) in Osun State has urged citizens of the state, especially its supporters to come out en masse on Saturday to vote for those who they would prefer to be in charge of their local governments “because it is a responsibility they should not take lightly”.

According to the party, “Participation in local government election is as important as any other election in the country, and for locals, it should perhaps be more important for residents of the locality because it is their closest interaction with governance through which they can be heard”.

In a statement from the party’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi,  the APC said that ‘since it is official from the state electoral commission that the election is holding on Saturday, and since no other agency is authorised by law to do so, it is imperative that voters turn up for the election.

“Nobody should allow himself/herself  to be deceived that there will be no voting on that day. Anyone who says so will be attempting to fool you; so you have to come out and vote for your choice of candidate ‘, the APC said.
The party further declared that, ‘any party that is not participating in the election may be doing so either out of ignorance or fear of possible disgraceful failure at the polls or both.
“However, the APC already has 280 of its candidates returned unopposed out of the 389 wards; but that’s not a reason to take victory for granted in the remaining 109 wards up for grabs’, the party warned its supporters.

“Go out on Saturday and register a decisive victory  by voting for the APC from the rest of the contest; the party said, adding that, “the local government election will give a vivid indication of what the governorship contest of September will be. The APC expects no less than a resounding victory”.


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