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True life: Homosexual Narrates His Ordeal In Nigeria


A homosexual, Ekpe Paul has narrated his ordeals from family and neighbor when he was found in the act.

Paul, born December 20, 1998 who resides at 18 rooms street, coal City garden Estate, Enugu state Nigeria was caught in the act with a follow neighbor, Ogo

According to him, “My childhood went normally, I played with my boys like everyone and I was attached to attract to boys.

“We used to touch sexy part of the body, without ulterior motive. But when the friends touched me, I used to enjoy it a lot.  But it was a usual thing among young boy, a kind of initiation. When I growing up,  I used to masturbate often.

“In our society, this practice is frowned at and creates a suspicion of homosexuality. Around the age of 12 years old, I had an affair with comrade Ifayi and he had sucked my penis.

“I liked it but nothing more, since I see as a game. My neighbor, Ogo, who was 23, a designer by trade , loved me very much .

“He was always near me when I was playing or when I was dancing. I used to go to his place since he lived alone, and when we were alone, we would touch each other’s sexy parts.

“On my 15th birthday, he came home with gifts (chocolate and an MP3 player). After the party, he offered to come to his place, as usual.

“He explained to me that he liked boys, and that he had already had sex with his classmate, named Chukuna, but he never used the words gay since it was a taboo. On that day, I didn’t understand why Ogo did so many things to make me happy.  He told me he saw me through the window masturbating in the bathroom.”

He explained further that, “We were on his bed as usual, he touched me all over as usual, but this time, he sucked my penis which gave me a lot of pleasure. It changed my life, as we became closer.

“Afterwards, we see each other often. In the morning, I will wear my school uniform, but instead of going to school, I take a walk and he comes back to his place. We were seeing each other for about 6-7 months.

“However, a neighbor, Erri, had spotted my activities and she always questioned me.

“One Friday morning, around 8:30 am , I had made my usual turn to join Ugo , but Erri saw me and called the neighbors and my sister, Cbi.

“They forced their way inside and we were both naked. My sister and the neighbors screamed at the abomination, shouting that Ugo had to be killed who had dragged me into homosexual.

They pulled him outside, naked, and I later learned that they had beaten him to death.

“I was able to escape through the window and run through the bushes to Amkata, a large parking lot where the food trucks were parked.

“Behind there was an abandoned house. I hid there until evening. Then I got out, took a polo shirt off a clothes line.  I was hungry, I took some leftover food from the parking lot to eat a bit . At night I jumped on a truck to get away as quickly as possible.

“I didn’t know where it was going . In the morning he arrived in Kano in Nigeria. People found me in the truck and asked me questions, I couldn’t understand because they spoke Hausa, and my language is Igbo. “They called someone who spoke English, and there I lied, I said that I didn’t have any more family that I had to leave.

“I was in a large parking lot where the trucks were parked, a man, who said his name was Ariu , claimed to want to help me.

“For several days, he absolutely wanted to take me to the mosque, but I refused because I am a Christian.

“Finally he told me that someone was going to take me to a corner where there are Igbo people , so that he could explain me . But in fact that’s where my ordeal began.”


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