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If Truly Your Name is Isiaka…


Most people couldn’t have imagined it yet, it happened, Governor Abiola Ajimobi and his predecessor, Otunba Adebayo Alao Akala were recently ‘’locked up’’ in the same room for 3 hours.

Where and how did it happen?

It was in Ibadan at the governorship debate organised by a private radio station based in the ancient city.

The two men sat right in front of each other, looking into each other’s eyes throughout the duration of the programme. Both did not ask for water to wet their throats which I guessed must have suffered some dryness caused by too much talking. They didn’t even go to urinate, but were stucked in their chairs, defending their policies and programmes and also answering questions from the listeners.

But as both men sat in the studio looking at each other, I kept guessing the kinds of thoughts that might have flowed from one to the other. Let’s play a game on that:

Imagine Governor Ajimobi looking at Akala, thinking and saying to himself, ‘ Today, I will show this man called Akala that khaki no be leather. Sebi you accused my government of causing capital flight by awarding contracts to contractors annointed by my benefactor, Tinubu in Lagos and even said my urban renewal programme has no human face, make any of those statements in this studio and you will see my red eye’.

As if he read Ajimobi’s thoughts, I can Imagine Otunba Akala thinking: ‘ Ajimobi or what do they call your name, the other time you commissioned that your Mokola flyover, you  made jest of me that I wear too much jewelry, that I wear rings on all my fingers, comparing me to a  manager to fuji musician, me, a whole former governor, gomina ti Oyato. If truly your name is Isiaka, run your mouth anyhow today and see if I won’t disfigure that your handsome face’.

But in the real sense, the show didn’t go that way, in fact both comported themselves properly, guarding their choice of words, and addressing issues and not attacking each other’s personality, above all, it was a day to remember.

Let’s give kudos to Ajimobi and Akala for spending 3 grueling hours together in the same room without any squabble.

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