Unite Against Domestic Violence, Rape Other Vices- Bolanle Ambode Urges Women

Wife of the Lagos state governor,  Bolanle Ambode, has urged women to be united and be a voice against recurring social problems of domestic violence, child abuse, rape and teenage pregnancy.

She spoke on Tuesday at the Lagos Women Forum initiated by Mrs. Ambode with the theme: ‘Woman…Your Health…Your Social Environment’, to discuss matters relating to women’s health and educate them on their rights, which would embolden them to shun silence when abused.

Also, Deputy Governor, Idiat Adebule, described  the theme of the event as apt because, according to her, women’s health is not determined by their biological destiny, but also and even more by how societies view and value their role, especially around the world where majority of women were yet to live up to their potential due to regressive social conditions.

The consensus at the event was the call for total eradication of all forms of discrimination and violence against women and children.

It was established that domestic violence is an act of intimidation, physical, verbal or emotional abuse that had become an epidemic. Participants said domestic violence is not new to the Nigerian society as it happens across all sectors of society. They posited that it cuts across the educated, the illiterate, the religious, the freethinkers, classes of career women, stay-at-home wives, the married and the single as well as all ages.


Dr. Adebule and Mrs. Ambode noted that violence against women and girls remained one of the most widespread and devastating human rights violation in the world, adding that achieving gender parity would require more vigorous efforts and legal frameworks, to tackle established anti-female practices spread across socio-cultural and political landscapes.

Women were also advised  to pay more attention to their health as it was important for them to be aware of their health status all the time.

Director,  Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Modupeola Adebambo, tasked women on the need to  give their children adequate attention, know their friends, teach them their obligations and responsibilities, as well as sexual education.

Also a Director,  Office of Public Defender, OPD, Olayinka Adeyemi, charged women to speak out against domestic violence and support one another as well as report cases of any form of abuse promptly.



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