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UPDATE: Akure Explosion Destroys Over 60 Buildings, 13 Persons Hospitalized


By Tope Adedeji, Akure

An unconfirmed explosive device said to be a bomb that was transported to the northern part of the country has exploded along Akure-Owo highway in Ondo state.

Western Post had reported earlier that the explosion was caused by asteroid dust.

Earlier in the month of March, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced that an asteroid will fly over the earth. This asteroid was referred to as large and potentially hazardous.

Amidst speculations on what the noise is, some have reported that it was a truck carrying explosives that exploded, while some have raised questions about the asteroid.

Western Post authoritatively gathered that more than 60 structures including residential buildings, churches, and schools were damaged by the explosion.

The blast that caused apprehension among most residents of Akure, Obaile, Eleyowo, Iluabo, Osi and environs in Ondo state, destroyed a popular church beside road, “Possibility Church”, where some people were said to have been feared killed, but 13 persons were currently injured.

The incident happened in less than one kilometer to Akure Airport.

The State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Andie Undie who visited the scene with Chief Olu Falae said the police are on top of the situation. The police boss confirmed that it was explosion that occurred.

Watch the video below:  

An eyewitness explained to Western Post that “The road has been divided into two. No vehicle can go to Owo or that area today. The security agents blocked the road. One good thing is that the students of Aina Awaw Int’l School were not in school.

“The entire buildings shattered. All must be re-roofed. The Possibility Church destroyed. Most buildings around were badly damaged.

“The vehicle said to be conveying the devices was damaged that argument came upon the reality. The crowd keeps swelling up. People keep coming from far and near to find out what happened.

“The CP (Commissioner of Police), CO (Commanding Officer of Army 32 Artillery Brigade Akure) of the Army and the rest were having challenges dispersing inquisitive crowd.

“But thank God again its sanitation day, the crowd would have been something else. This is not the best but our people are not careful.”



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