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VAT: You Can’t Be Destroying What Is Generating Funds In Other States-Comedian Alibaba


Comedian Alibaba has reacted to the ongoing Value Added Tax (VAT) controversy triggered by the victory secured in court by the Rivers State government and the insistence of Governor Nyesom Wike to be collectiing the consumption tax generated in the state.

Alibaba supported the move and also said that states can’t be destroying items generating funds for other states and still collect the same money when it is shared to them.

Sharing a screenshot of Governor Wike’s Facebook post in which he disclosed that Rivers and Lagos states had their allocation slashed while Kano kept what it generated, the comedian advocated for states to control their resources and pay between 15-30 percent of their internally generated revenue to the center to help run the government.

He said this will help stop agitation for state creation, make federal appointments unattractive, reduce ghost workers, put an end to religious issues and also reveal what the true population of a state is.

The comedian further stated that if this is achieved, “Governors who want to carry on like their states are financially buoyant like Lagos, Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta will know what bankuptcy is.”




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