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VOICES: 2015: Yewa, Searching for Political Relevance


By Sunday Rotilefon

Yewa, despite all its vast human and natural resources is adjudged as the poorest and most underdeveloped in Ogun State. Yewa is one of the three districts in the state. Other districts are Ijebuland and Egbaland. The area occupies a major landmark in the state and is thickly populated with rural settlers
The political composition and structure remains imbalance since the creation of Ogun State about 38 year ago, While Egba and ijebu continued to dominate the state government, Yewa has always been appeased with less juicy position or not considered for any at all.
But participants at the recent Yewa Forum Lecture Series 2, held at the University of Lagos Multipurpose Hall, Lagos, expressed optimism that this unfavorable scenario would change soon. Yewa has come of age and deserves her place in the economic and political spheres of the state, they stated.
The theme: 2015: “Ogun State Politics, Western Yewa?” was underscored by intense discussion on the importance of addressing Yewa bottom-of-the pyramid position and bridging the inequality gap.
The guest lecturer and an indigene of Yewa, Professor Tope Popoola, spoke of the political relevance of Yewa in 2015 election and opined that rotational system of government should be considered in the state, illustrating that Yewa is the only district that has not produced a governor in the 38 years existence of Ogun State.
Popoola said unity of Yewa was required to tackle the setbacks, noting that division would continue to produce the same result of second fiddle unless it put its house in order. He warned participants to remain united and focus on 2015 and embrace collective decision rather than individual ideas.        
Speakers upon speakers at the lecture also agreed that Yewa people must close ranks to achieve their aims in 2015.
At the end of the lecture, the vision of a stronger Yewa Community actively participating in politics and keenly contesting all elective positions including the governorship in 2015 emerged.
Participants’ further warned that politicians, especially aspirants should shun individual reward but embrace collective decisions to bring power to the zone and rescue Yewa from further relegation.
“it is the hope that governorship aspirants from Yewa will come together irrespective of their parties to consider the interest of Yewa and produce acceptable candidate in 2015,” they assured.
In his closing remark, the Chief Host and Chairman Yewa Union, Lagos, Professor Abdul Rahman Bello, was optimistic that competent leadership will only emerge before 2015, only then could Yewa enjoy the type of economic and social prosperity experienced by other zones in the state,
“All the inequality analyzed at the lecture are noted, the ills will be tackled. It is hope that Yewa will move away from politics of chop chop and think of tangible benefits and push enough to gain power in 2015,” Bello stated.
A former commissioner in the previous administration, Hon. (Dr) Kunle Salako, analysed how Yewa does not belong to mainstream politics in Ogun state, which had adversely affected the zone. He canvassed support for any Yewa indigene who aspires for governor in 2015, adding that other elective and selective positions should also be given equal priority.
Also, Hon. Elegbede added that whoever wants to slug it out with incumbent Governor Ibikunle Amosun should not be discouraged, adding that Yewa people should be proactive in 2015 with right leadership.
Elegbede rooted for a pan-Yewa group as a think tank to move the zone forward in 2015 and  also called for resuscitation of Conference of Yewa Elders as adviser to all groups and aspirants from the area.

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