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VOICES: Boko Haram And Our “Glorified” Men In Power (II)



By Ademola Orunbon



Lately, the security aides of the Speaker in the House of Representatives were withdrawn due to his defection from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressives Congress (APC), that in itself is wrong but whether the Inspector General of Police has the legal backing to act in such manner is a debate for another day and also if it is not only absurd or abnormal for the I.G.P to be at the beck and call of the executive instead of the people.

The greatest pain isn’t the atomic aches of the speaker but the infinitesimal pains of the Chibok Girls, the gnashing of their innocence, the tears in their eyes while the stranger inserts his blood stained rod, their rights and body been violated openly; still we live in a nation which boast of leaders and politicians. It is time for us to be serious and let go of these charlatans and never-do-well bunch of politicians. We are sick and tired of their incapacities and negligence, the government might have failed the chibok girls we all in our mien and disposition might have failed these girls but failure is actually not total or fatal, quitting is.

I love Nigeria and sincerely speaking I could die for my country but is my country courageous enough to replicate this love to her fellow citizens, is this country ready to lay down her greed, avarice and nepotism for the greater good. I might be ready to obey all laws promulgated by both the Senate and the House of Representative, but are our immune power holders ready to do likewise?

I might be ready to pay exorbitant price for both power and premium motor spirit so that in no short time we could smile, but are our power holders ready to reduce their exorbitant salaries? So that the pains and aches can be uniform, yes we might wait for 5-10years for us to see good roads, well equipped hospitals and clean pipe borne water but, are our power holders ready to stop plying the airways whenever they are moving from Lagos to Ibadan? Are they ready to stop patronizing international hospitals whenever they have headache or toothache? Are they ready to become Nigerians for once?

If not, I fear we will crash beneath the rushing wings of third mainland bridge. Most of us can agree that Boko Haram is vaguely an idea anchored by fanatics, although this idea might be nefarious in nature and deluded in reality; but to repress or kill an idea we must have a better idea which supersedes theirs, we must first understand their source of income, their method of warfare, their specific locations and their background.

We have gone into battle with men we know nothing about, we have lured our soldiers into the hands of mad men, and we have put the cart before the horse. I have always believed that, we are a country that have not attained nationhood; for no sane nation will allow 200 innocent, harmless and young girls to be in the hands of terrorist for months and still the country remain calm as though we are not in a dilemma.

We must then sleep with the fact that until Boko-Haram become a thing of the past, we will not know peace until leaders and we all begin to take responsibilities for our actions, until graduates are gainfully employed, until the standard of living rises above the 200Naira per day, diagnosis until rights of every citizen is protected, until makers of laws stop being breakers of laws until our borders are guarded with dignity and honesty without fear or favour, until our men in arms are given the appropriate intelligent report to fight with their hearts and guns, we will only remain a country; a country that is not only damned but dangerous to itself.


*Orunbon writes from 17, Ajanosi Street, Oke-Posu, Epe, Lagos. He can be reached via  orunbonibrahimademola@gmail.com


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