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We need to revisit the past


SIR: Nigerians were caught aback when during the heat of the last general elections, the president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari made an unpopular promise that his government was not going to probe the past governments after initially promising to make all who have stolen the commonwealth to return their loots. The declaration, although unpopular and against the public expectation, was forgivable because it was considered a political calculation. But it would be however unforgivable if in practice the president-elect still uphold that promise.

It was an unholy promise, in the first place, because by that singular act, the General had indirectly told the Nigerian populace that the most politically relevant, and powerful set of people in the nation were corrupt, and that any attempt to seek a probe of their stewardship could spell doom for the his administration.  Like I said, it is forgivable if it was a political ploy. But now that the election is won, a visit to the past is inevitable.

Someone may argue that visiting the past would erase the said honesty claim of the President-elect, but I think otherwise because now that it is very glaring that the incoming government is inheriting an empty treasury, and a huge national debt, the need for developmental funds could warrant a renege on the said promise. Besides, the president-elect would not be seen as a truce-breaker if he only makes the thieves refund what they have stolen without having to send anybody to jail.

No Nigerian is willing to be told stories after two years of the incoming government. We do not want to hear why the APC government could not perform. We do not what to be told to pay more tax in other for the government to give us the dividends of democracy; so let them go for the stolen money. It is necessary, and crucial in such a time as this.

•Ohimai Daniel


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