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We Want Oke-Ogun State Now


I thank the Management of WESTERN POST for their balanced reportage. But I will like to suggest that the management of this newspaper should consider a special page to feature some aspects of Oke-Ogun area of Oyo State. Many people in the state and outside are oblivious of the kind of marginalisation the region has been battling with for many years. The region is noted to be the food basket of the state, yet it remained underdeveloped. 

There are no good motorable roads in the region compared to other places in Ibadan and Oyo. Thanks to the present administration in the state, which deemed it fit that, the major road in Iseyin should be dualized. 

Having done this, there are other areas that needed government’s attention, like the state of education in the region. As big as Oke Ogun is, the region could not boast of a standard higher institution. At the inception of the present administration in the state, it promised a standard higher institution in the region, but has not yet been fulfilled.

It is now high time indigenes of Oke-Ogun both at home and in the Disapora rose to the challenge. More importantly, the region should have a state of its own among other issues. We have the wherewithal to sustain it if created. We have enough resources. The  time has come for Oke-Ogun to be elevated. Oke-Ogun a gbe wa o!

*Mr. Femi Akano writes from Iseyin.


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