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We’re Working Behind The Scenes To Secure Igboho’s Freedom, Says YCE


By Bode Akinbode, Ibadan

The Yoruba Council of Elders (YCE), on Thursday declared that it is working behind the scene to ensure the release of Yoruba Nation Agitator, Mr. Sunday Adeyemo (Igboho) from custody.

YCE also said that the younger generation in Nigeria has become frustrated because the present state of the country does not give them any hope for the future.

Addressing journalists at their Headquarters at Bodija Housing Estate in Ibadan,  after their meeting, YCE stressed that what the present generation could tolerate and be hopeful for, the younger generation cannot afford to wait because they think the country is wasting them.

YCE, speaking through its Secretary-General, Dr. Kunle Olajide, said the Council is not opposed to the reaction of the younger generation, but want them to be moderate.

He said: “We don’t want to sacrifice them because the power of government is enormous and we can see what is happening now.

“So, whatever we can do, we are doing it behind the scenes to ensure the freedom of Sunday Igboho in Benin Republic.”

The communique of the meeting, which was read by Hon. Niyi Ajibulu, the secretary of the Ekiti State chapter of YCE, resolved that: “For sustaining the nation thus far, especially the elders for surviving the scourge, the ailment and the inclement climate and the covid-19 pandemic, the council views with great concern the unending state of insecurity that has assumed unimaginable dimension in recent times.

“Unfortunately, it appears to have defiled all solutions. The council views very seriously that the trend whereby the citizens will not be able to go about their normal businesses is totally unacceptable and should not continue.

“The menace, threat of Fulani herdsmen, bandit and kidnappers should be contained with a view to sanitizing the society.

“As far as Yoruba council of elders is concerned, we believe that Nigeria should be made workable and conducive for all regardless of religion or ethnicity.

“That there are abundant natural endowments that can be harnessed by visionary leadership to effect a sanitized society.

“To the glory of God and our nation, we Yorubas are known not to be cowards, we are renowned for valour and courage. A situation where double standards, tribalism and social Injustice remain the order of the day is not in anyway acceptable.

“Under no circumstances should any Yoruba son, daughter, group or organisation be victimised, hounded and persecuted.

“The Yoruba council of elders is calling on all Yoruba sons and daughters, groups and organisations to close ranks and be united in the face of the present circumstances in Nigeria.

“The Yoruba council of elders again restate that the 1999 constitution is a quasi-dictatorial document imposed on Nigerians and that it is responsible for most of the current challenges.

“The council of elders is therefore again calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria to do the needful at this critical stage of national life by accommodating true federalism and a new constitution by the Nigerian people.”

The conference had in attendance, the President-General of YCE, Justice Ademola Bakare; Ambassador Siyanbola, Elder Ayo Ojebode, Assistant Secretary-General of YCE; Chief Robert Ajibiye, Sir (Chief) Egunjobi, Chief Dapo Oyewola and a host of other personalities of the council.



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