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What Buhari And Obama Discussed At White House


Nigeria: In a historic visit by President Muhammadu Buhari to the white house, office of America’s President, Barrack Obama, both leaders met yesterday for the second time since the inauguration of President Buhari on May 29.

From the Oval Office, President Obama congratulated his counterpart on his “historic” election over his predecessor Goodluck Jonathan and praised his “reputation of integrity.”

“President Buhari has a very clear agenda of defeating Boko Haram and extremists of all sorts… and of rooting out the corruption that has too often held back the economic growth and prosperity of his country.” On both issues, he stated, he looks forward to increasing partnership between Nigeria and America.

President Buhari expressed his gratitude for the invitation to the White House and noted that diplomatic pressure from the US and Europe was part of what made the election result possible.

The US State Department had shown little interest in close cooperation with the previous administration due to its reputation for flagrant corruption, but the visit likely heralds closer ties between the two nations following Mr. Jonathan’s exit from office in May.

In a series of tweets by President Buhari’s spokesman, Femi Adesina, he quoted President Obama as saying Wherever Nigeria goes, Africa goes. The continent’s destiny is tied to Nigeria’s.

Combine military action against Boko Haram with social and economic programmes, Obama tells Buhari.


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