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Which Way Africa?


Africans, Nigerians in particular, could no longer think, eat, drink, dance, speak and dress as our tradition dictates, only to allow other peoples’ ideas, values, opinions and beliefs to become the order of the day. This situation is what the contemporary social analysts usually refer to as colonial mentality, inferiority complex, brain-drain syndrome to mention but a few.

The prevalence of colonial mentality is paramount in our society, its activities in all aspects or areas of life are still aggravating day-by –day. In fact the present statistics have shown that, if proper measures are not taken, in the next 40 years to come, Nigerian culture will be totally eradicated in our society, while the European, British and American culture will prevail.

The Chinese are well known with the stick they use while eating, despite the present modern age, they have never departed from it.  Similarly, the Japanese produces the best electronics in the world, yet they promote their culture by engraving their language on their products.

A noble black man should be worried as to why Africans produce quality products and on the label they slam the picture of a white man on it or a product produced here in Nigeria, they inscribe made in London, America or Italy on it.

Cencold syrup is one of the best brands manufactured by a Nigerian pharmaceutical company. There are several testimonies of its potency and effectiveness, but to my greatest bewilderment, a picture of a white baby was put on it. When are we going to be delivered?

Please, Tuyil Pharm. Ind. Limited, you guys are doing a great job, your products are among the best, kindly believe in yourself, believe in African Excellence and adjust.

*Ayodele Idowu,



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