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Who Employed Magu for Emotional Blackmail?

A recent comment of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu, that he cries every morning before he goes to work as a result of his unparalleled love for Nigeria prompts a moment of psychoanalysis. 
Fundamentally, Magu’s repulsive remark could hardly be described as anything other than political propaganda because he’d been on the record regurgitating similar statement on different occasions, even as available facts show he’s someone who’s leading the pack to circumvent the enumerated powers of the Constitution.
When asked by Lagos newsmen why he was keeping suspects in custody in defiance of unambiguous court rulings, he told them he won’t release some suspects until they “cooperate with the commission.” 
He was also on the record to have said he minded little about dying in the course of discharging his duty as the head of the nation’s top anti-graft agency. How long has he held this belief? He wasn’t on record making similar statements prior to his appointment. Indeed.
Not done, Magu promised this when he recently paid a courtesy visit to The Nation Newspaper’s Corporate office in Lagos about how he’ll discharge his duty:  “with the fear of God, in the national interest, and strictly observing the rule of law.”
But pray, is obeying judicial pronouncements or respecting the fundamental rights of every accused person as clearly outlined in the Constitution central to the national interest? Why did he say he’ll “observe” as against “obey” the rule of law?
The vulgarity and obscenity of the EFCC Chairman’s comics play a role in inducing that malleable psychology in people who have become a prey to attenuated connections with God and conscience. For someone who hasn’t secured a high-profile conviction since his assumption of office and who hasn’t elicited any serious traits that distinguish him from his predecessors, Magu leads the pack of the propagandists and it’s disgusting. He should face his tasking job because neither Nigerians nor President Buhari who employed him cared much about his emotional blackmail.


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