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Why Should Mu’azu Be a Judge in His Own Case, Bode George Asks


Buhari’s Victory Threatens Bode George, He Goes on Exile

At the closed-door meeting President Goodluck Jonathan had with his aides and the National Working Committee of the Peoples Democratic Party on Tuesday, May 5, Chief Olabode George, former deputy national chairman of the party, reacted to the issues around the party’s National Chairman Adamu Mu’azu, saying Mu’azu does not have any right to be a judge in his case.

Some of the party’s governors and presidency officials had asked Mu’azu to step aside after the presidential election which PDP lost to the All Progressives Party. They accused Mu’azu of compromise, an allegation the party’s chairman has denied.

George said:

“Playing politics has to do with maturity. After any election, there is a way it is being done that any party that lost, the managers of the party will honourably bow out.

“There should be civility in anything being done but in the meantime, you cannot be a judge in your case. That is legitimate, that is sensible. All the noise about people collecting money here and there, to me it should not be so.

“You do not wash your dirty linen in the public. Do you think the All Progressives Congress, APC, do not have their filthy linen? With what they (PDP leadership) have done, they are sending shivers into the spines of Nigerians.

“We are going to readjust ourselves and strengthen all the structures from the wind that just blew us. You do not go to the marketplace and start describing the name and house of your father.

“The position we arrived at, at the Ado-Ekiti meeting was the consensus of the party leaders after thorough deliberations which recommended that the National Working Committee should step aside for an independent group to reshuffle the party. If they found out that they (NWC) still need to be there, they will be recalled.

“I am shocked about the reactions of the people, which now became an issue on the pages of newspapers. Which party in the world that is existing without internal wrangling? It is natural and normal.”


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