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Why We Choose Golf Ahead of Other Sports –Olusegun Omosehin, MD, Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc


Insurance Golf Tournament has come and gone but one of the Major sponsor for the two days tournament held at the Ibadan Golf club (IGC), Managing Director, Mutual Benefit Assurance Plc, Olusegun Omosehin revealed why golf brings captain of industries together and why golf represent life with other issues. Excerpt:

What is your assessment on the 3rd edition of Insurance Golf Tournament?

I actually feel elated and feel proud to be part of the tournament because the essence of this tournament is to project the game of golf with insurance industry to our numerous clients and to host community so to speak. This is a tournament that is designed to breach the gap between practitioners and customers insurance public and is a tournament that has create a positive image around Insurance as an industry, so I’m excited really that we are part of history making, this is a 3rd edition and hopefully, we will continue to support this tournament for what its represent for his significant and for the positive and attributes it brings to project the industry in the right positive direction.

Will you say you are fulfill as one of the sponsor?

A: I’m really fulfill, last year was when Mutual Benefit Assurance emerged as one of the major sponsor and I address the gathering of golfers here in Ibadan that our commitment to take golf to the next level and at that event I make a personal commitment to the tournament because of what we want to achieve with the tourney that would continuous support the tournament, that we have fulfill with this particular edition, now 2-years running as a major sponsor, no regret, all accolade, honestly very impressive, I’m quite impress with the turn-out, last year we had an impressive turn-out, this year was a super impressive turn-out and as a matter of fact, as at 1pm people were still tee-off for the tournament, never witness in the history of tournament in IGC, this is a wonderful development that we are able to drive golfers and pull crowd from major golf clubs around the country and for me it’s a major fulfillment of my own aspiration as a golfer and as a leader in Insurance industry. In all, I will give it an excellent performance in terms of what it has delivered regarding of what we project as part of objective of this tournament.

But why golf tournament ahead of other sports?

Because golf represent life, it’s a game that represent life itself and is a game that brings together captain of industry, government and to that extent, the caliber of people that represented here are those that represent the entire society that we live in. The top people in government and in industry and public and private sectors. It is a meeting point of such for leaders in the society and that is why its important for us to sponsor so that insurance gain relevant in the society then we should be able to be at this level in order to interact with top level in every sectors formal and informal and that is essentially what we are doing.

So, being a golfer, what have you been able to gain since you’ve started playing it?

First thing, one of the best decision I’ve ever taken in my life was being a golfer and this decision I took 11-years ago. 2004, I started playing golf formally even though I registered about 15-years ago, I never really took it serious, it was in 2004 that I took the bold step to shift from Long Tennis which I was playing then to golf and honestly, it was one of the best decision I ever taken in my life.

Now 11 years running as a golfer it has been amazing  because it has transform my life as the game reflects your entire being, life you are able to see and mirror yourself as an individual, so you could see your weakness and your strength within an 18 holes of golf and what the game has done for me. Anytime I complete a round of golf, I’ll able to ask myself what have I done wrong, so those weakness in my person, I’ll able to identify  and later applied some deliberate effort to change them positively to get greater result in terms of individual life career performance, progression and in terms of business so to speak, essentially what I’m saying is that the game of golf has been able to connect with top hierarchy of the society, government, business, private sectors even the military, so it’s a game that have contributed to my life , I personally as an individual has enrich my professional career because I’ve been able to do my business and connect with right people . Honestly, I’m an accomplished person in terms of what golf has brought into my career.

So, what are you trying to pass across?

People that has not playing golf are missing a lot because the game is health wise why because the focus is to bring best out of individual that is what the game is golf does, honestly, so if you want to bring best in you as professional, career person, you need the game of golf because it gives you the mirror image of yourself.

Do you belief golf revealed your character as a person?

Thanks for that question, totally, if I want to know your character, I only need to play with you one round of golf 18 holes, in those 18 holes, I will know your full name without asking you for it  because the day you played a bad shot, you would mention your full name  Olusegun omosehin what have you done , it reflect other things you do, I will know your temperament  and I will know whether you calm and collected side, I will also know whether you are the kind that take decision in a hurry because the way you approach your game reflect on the course. If I play one round with you, I can write a book on you as an individual because your entire character, your being would have been revealed, honestly I don’t need to ask about the name of your wife because you would have mention that, so it’s tell you all about an individual.

What club are you representing?

Thanks, I’m a members of two major golf club in Nigeria, Ikoyi 1938, I played regularly in Ikoyi and thereafter I joined Ikeja because I wanted to complete the status so I’m a member of both Ikoyi and Ikeja Golf Club and that entitled me to play in major clubs in Nigeria by extension of Ikeja Golf Club, I’m honorary member of IGC, so I can play in Ibadan likewise others club in the country.

Presently, I’m playing handicap 11 and that is a category two player and it tells you my level of proficiency, I enjoy golf, golf is my life and I’m proud to be a golfer as I’m willing to play it till the rest of my life.


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