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OPINION: With a Successor Like Godwin Obaseki, By Kola AMZAT


Perhaps, very few Nigerians knew of the relationship between Comrade Adams Oshiomole and the Edo state governor, Godwin Obaseki before the national chairman head hunted him as the Chief Economic Adviser of his government.

However, since the romance between the two came to limelight, it was crystal clear, who was the favorite of the Comrade in his eight years tenure as Edo state governor.

He practically made Obaseki a joint occupier of the front seat of the ship that was in charge of the economic, political, infrastructures and socio-cultural affairs of the state during his regime.

To submit that he referred him was an understatement. He showed him love. He believed in him. He had confidence & trust in his economic skills, knowledge and his integrity. For eight years thereabout, Obaseki was having the best times in his public career. He was actually in splendor.

Comrade practically placed him above everybody in government, deputy governor, inclusive.

While Oshiomole tenure was winding to a close, it was not too difficult for the people to comprehend, where the pendulum would swing. It’s therefore not too surprising when Oshiomole deployed all resources at his disposal to ensure that Obaseki emerged as consensus candidate of APC during the primary.

With that achieved, the battle was drawn between Obaseki and Pastor Ize Iyamu in the gubernatorial election. Oshiomole made funds available, as well as necessary logistics to silence Ize Iyamu, a politician of note in Edo state. Of course, Obaseki made a triumphal entry into Edo governor’s office

Not quite long after his inauguration, he started the despicable act of eroding the legacies of Oshiomole and everything he represented in the government house.  He practically declared Comrade’s men aliens, in the government.

He frustrated all the lawmakers who got elected into the house of assembly from Oshiomole political camp. He triggered of chaos and pandemonium in the House of Assembly. Despite the intervention of the national assembly, the crisis has remained unresolved till date.

He also moved to federal level, colluding with the then leadership of NASS led by Bukola Saraki, as well as some disgruntled governors in the Governors’ Forum to continually undermine the authority of the Comrade as national chairman of the party.

He influenced the suspension of Oshiomole in his ward, a decision capitalized on by Oshiomole’s detractors to lure an Abuja High Court to suspend him as national chairman. Obaseki was even boasting that he had the mandate of the president to declare Oshiomole a persona-non-grata in entire Edo state. What a man that lacks wisdom!

On account of this, the stage was set for national chairman humiliation from office until the national leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu convinced President Buhari and other well-meaning party leaders that, the party was only bound for extinction,  if Oshiomole was allowed to be disgraced from office. The president listened and it was then that the wings of Obaseki and his group were clipped.

As the gubernatorial primary beckons in the state, he’s been running helter-skelter in search of assistance that will never come. Indeed, the die is cast. He has displayed height of ingratitude to the Good Samaritan who recruited him from a collapsed stockbroking business.

The entire world is watching, how he will navigate the gubernatorial primary of the party.   He should be packing his bag & baggage from the government house after the election. That’s our verdict!

 *AMZAT(FCA), a Lagos-based Finance & Management Consultant can be reached on 09077509348.





















































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