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WOCOM Partners With Ogun on Home Grown School Feeding


By Kolawole Olayinka, Abeokuta
The Women Consortium of Nigeria (WOCON) has partners with Ogun State Government on Ogun home grown school feeding programs to the pupils of public primary schools in (primary 1 – 3).
The partnership between Ogun state government and Macarthur foundation was held today at Ake  Conference Room, Green legacy Resort, inside Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library, Abeokuta, Ogun state.
The project coordinator Mr Olukunle Adeogun commend the the Ogun state government for their transparency in the  home grown school feeding exercise since inception.
He explained that the success recorded by Ogun state government and home grown school feeding team was quite impressive and this prompt women consortium of Nigeria (WOCOM) in partnership with Macarthur Foundation to partners with Ogun state.
He said WOCOM is a non governmental organization committed to the enforcement of women  and children’s right and attainment of equality, development and peace. WOCOM holds a United Nations Special Consultatives  Status and is registered as an incorporated trustee under the companies and allied matters act of Nigeria on 25th August, 1995.
He enumerates some of the mandate of WOCOM and Macarthur foundation is to ensured the number of students earmarked for the school feeding program are wholly and properly feed with a quality meal a day,  that the budget meant for the programs are  judiciously utilized for the project, that the HGSFP properly accounted for  and to curb wastages in the system and to curb the corrupt practices and tracked reported and reduced from the process involved in the course of execution the school feeding program.
Also added that WOCOM will revealed how government disbursement of funds work in order to determine the indices that will provide the degree of trust required in adopted procedures of the project implementation and do critically evaluate this feeding programmes with out any biased or prejudice to executive agencies.
According to Commissioner for  special duties and intergovernmental affairs and focal person Barrister Leke Adewolu represented by  Dr Bunmi Adebayo, special adviser to the governor on ICT commend all the teams that work towards the success recorded by ogun home grown school feeding programs in Ogun state.
He said home grown school feeding program (HGSFP) is one of the government funded social investment programs which focuses on providing a free nutritional mealfor pupils in the public primary school in (primary 1 – 3) across the country with the aims of improving school enrollment, improving child health and nutrition, increasing and encouraging local agricultural production, creating jobs and empowering women.
He said the programs has giving employment to 2948 vendors to feed over 270,000 pupils in 1510 schools. And HGSFP is founded by the Federal government and payment’s to all vendors and suppliers are done directly into their individual bank account.
Also parents have been relieved from responsibility of providing feeding money for their children and wards, they have been commending the government for the programme and asking for its sustainance.
Also Mrs Tinuola Sopeju, special adviser to Ogun state governor on special projects/program manager, Ogun home grown school feeding program said the school feeding program was commenced on 30th January 2017 after fulfilling all the preconditions laid down by the office of the National Program Manager, domicile in the office of vice president.
She said they are very happy to see all NGOs partners and working with them, we appreciated the professionalism brought on board , which has already adding valued to our school feeding program.
Shopeju said the programs has created about three thousand direct employment and thirty thousand indirect employment till date in the state. Saying those who rendered services along the value chain of the school feeding Yarr 2,948 school vendors, they are direct employees, farmers, market women, food processor and transporters.


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