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Yellow Card: For Gani Adams


On Monday, Chief Gani Adams, the National Coordinator of Oodua Peoples Congress, led a protest of many pro-PDP activists across Lagos. 

The rally began at Ojuelegba and ended at Ojota along the ever-busy Ikorodu Road, consequently putting Lagosians into untold and unnecessary suffering from traffic gridlock. 

The protest was widely condemned in the media mainly by APC sympathisers, and many violent images purportedly shot at the protest similarly gained wide circulation.

Some of the images, especially the one that depicted some haggard youth brandishing dangerous weapons from machete to semi-automatic 9mm pistols, that circulated in the media (Not WP) were later debunked as being from 2011. 

No matter. 

Comrade Adams deserves a “Yellow Card” this week not because of the protest itself but because he participated in it. The protest was a political grandstanding and Mr. Adams must have brought disrepute to his organisation when he took part in partisan politics which is against his organisation’s diabolical tenets, according to sources within the organisation.  

On March 1, 1999, the OPC leaders took a solemn oath to eschew participation in contemporary Nigerian politics, because doing so will preempt their number one mission: Actualising the Yoruba nation.  This, they explained, is why Dr. Frederick Fasehun willingly resigned his position as the leader of the group when he wanted to join politics in Nigeria’s 4th Republic. 

A major crisis is now brewing within the group as a result of its leader’s harebrained endeavour. Mr. Adams has a right to participate in politics, but he should ponder resigning from the group first. He shouldn’t throw his organisation, and consequently the Yoruba, into chaos for selfish political interest.


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