Home Politics Yellowcard: For Governors Yet to Declare their Assets

Yellowcard: For Governors Yet to Declare their Assets


It is a statutory provision that public office holders particularly President and Governors must declare their assets before they begin their work. Section 185 of the 1999 Constitution specifically enjoins them to do so before they assume office. President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo have done theirs, though they have yet to make it public. What about the state governors? Some of them have acted in contravention of that provision. The report during the week that some governors are yet to declare their assets is very displeasing. Chairman of the Code of Conduct Bureau Sam Saba said some of the governors were yet to declare their assets. There are also speculations that some are making bogus assets declaration in anticipation of what they would later steal in office. All these are major infractions for which governors indulging in them deserve Yellow Card. The EFCC, ICPC, FIRS and all the agencies that may be required must get cracking to investigate the assets of those who have declared so as to nip in the bud any smart moves.


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