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Yellowcard: For NURTW, Lagos Chapter


It’s a Yellow Card for the Lagos State Council of the National Union of Road Transport Workers for breaching the peace of Lagos last Tuesday and Wednesday. Mayhem had broken out around Mosafejo, Oshodi-Isale area of Lagos as members of the union clashed. It was said to be a gang war among three notorious gangs within the union-Big London Boys, Railway Boys and Under-bridge Boys.

The fight led to the death of at least four persons, many injured and several vehicles destroyed. Oshodi has enjoyed huge peace and a new lease of life since Governor Fashola rid it of its notoriety, cleared the gridlock and restored order a few years ago. Residents of the state and visitors alike, who before then found Oshodi inaccessible, would not want to be remembered of  those gory days. The NURTW should not drag us back with its turf wars.

The police must quickly get to the bottom of the mayhem and the distruption of the peace in Oshodi. They must bring pepetrators to book and restore the peace of the area.


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