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Yellowcard: Olisa Metuh as Spokesman Fantastic!


When Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the national spokesman of the APC, offered a free crash course to his PDP counterpart, Mr. Olisa Metuh, in the wake of this year’s elections, he received more castigation than welcome.

In fairness to Mr. Metuh, Mohammed’s offer was condescending. But that’s not to say it was undeserving of the PDP mouthpiece. Metuh, a rabble rouser with brilliant tailor, has had more downs than ups since he became top PDP image-maker. This is why his latest subterfuge hardly strikes anyone as a surprise.  During the campaigns, Metuh was largely found wanting where his major counterpart, Mohammed, carried out his job with distinction. The argument was that he doesn’t have the required talent to carry out such a demanding job.

This, however, is evidently not the case. Metuh has the requisite to play rigorous lip service, but only against his own party. How unfortunate.

Because: Since the general election was concluded, Metuh and his co-travelers at the PDP National Working Committee have been enmeshed in a strident battle to keep their jobs. Metuh, being the most prominent of the PDP leaders, has been attacking the PDP governors and the presidency.

This week, he openly called President Jonathan’s bluff while also demanding that the outgoing leader give account of his steward at the helm of the nation’s affairs.  For all intent and purpose, this is unbecoming of a party chieftain. Mr. Metuh should be careful.


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