What Are We Yet to Hear this Time?


    What manner of people are yet to be paraded on the political landscape?

    From accusations to counter accusations, name calling, political rascality, blatant lies, obvious contradictions, character assassination even physical attack, what have we not heard?

    And what type of characters have we not seen on the political stage.

    We’ve had those someone once called, ready-for-hire hustlers, masquerading as pastors with a good number of ‘’prophesies’’ about the election, who will win and who will lose.

    Who is yet to show his true self?

    Is it the political desperado ready to do anything to achieve his aim or political predators, rain-soaked political rent seekers or hypocritical religious bigots, who else is left in the show of shame?

    They have all exhausted their bags of follies!


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