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Yvonne Nelson Only Wants to Look Good in Public, Says John Dumelo


It’s funny how life can be. The #DumsorMustStop war going on between former best friends John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson has gone up a notch with the actor describing the actress as someone who wants to look good in public at all costs and making the other look so bad.

The two actor-friends clashed when Yvonne Nelson started the #DumsorMustStop online, criticising the Ghanaian government for the state of power supply in the country. John Dumelo on the other hand was in support of that government.

The two are no longer on talking terms after the #DumsorMustStop vigil held last week.

In her first vlog with Pulse.com.Ng, the popular actress and damsel claimed that she had no idea why John Dumelo was not answering her calls.

However, it seems John Dumelo has pretty good reasons to be shunning Yvonne Nelson.

He took to his twitter handle and tweeted:

It’s just amazing how some people want to look good in the public eye and make others look like they are the the bad ones….smh (Shaking my head)“.

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The popular actor took offence when Yvonne Nelson called him an “ass-kisser” for apparently defending current President of Ghana, John Mahama, when the #DumsorMustStop social media campaign started.

U called me a kiss ass…that’s cool. Maybe it’s better to kiss ass than to keep friends who will stab me in the back,he tweeted again.

We just hope their fight ends soon.


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