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ZLP’s Victory ‘Ll Shock Oyo People At The 2019 Polls, Says Olaniyan


by Richard Thomas, Ibadan

Nigerians have been admonished to vote into office credible leaders with proven character and integrity who will not disappoint them when they assumed office after the 2019 elections.

The admonition was given by Zenith Labour Party (ZLP) candidate Engineer Abiola Idowu Olaniya who is contesting Oyo Central Senatorial District seat in the senate at the 2019 polls.

The astute politicians said the disappointment which the people had suffered over the years was due to poor leadership by some public office holders who failed to fulfill their promises after they win elections.

Engineer Olanitan called on the people of Oyo Central Senatorial district to support him with their votes at the polls. He assured them of prompt dividends of democracy adding that the 11 local governments in the senatorial district would be adequately represented.

“We want the people of Oyo Central Senatorial District to know that they need to put someone with proven character and integrity into office as their representative at the senate, I know where the shoe pinches because I was once a civil servant in the state.”

“We will fine tune some of the laws to create jobs and alleviate poverty in the area. Youths, women and men will be empowered to make life meaningful to them.”

Speaking on the chances of the party at the forth coming elections, Engineer Olaniyan said Zenith Labour Party is a party to beat at the elections owing to the good will and political weight of former governor of the state and leader of the party, senator Rashidi Adewolu Ladoja.

“ZLP’s victory will shock Oyo People at the 2019 polls”.

According to him, Senator Ladoja’s record in the state remains unbeatable in the history of governance in the state, “No government can beat or surpass what senator Ladoja did as governor in Oyo State. Ladoja remains the only governor highly respected by the civil servant owing to his quality administrative style.”

He said the political strength of Senator Ladoja remains very strong even as he moved from African Democratic Congress (ADC) to Zenith Labour Party.

“Senator Ladoja took the step because of his love for the people of the state. Victory of  Zenith Labour party is going to be a big suprise to people at the election, as far as i know, there are two parties for the election exercise in Oyo state.”

“We are issue based party, Ladoja’s record is unbeatable, he is a politician with a difference. Zenith Labour is a better choice because the party is all about justice, fairness and development.”

Engineer Olaniyan urged Nigerians to be security conscious during the election period saying the exercise is not a do or die affairs.



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