Omirin and Impeachment Moves

It would seem the embattled Speaker of Ekiti State House of Assembly, Dr. Adewale Omirin, not the usurper posing as Speaker, Hon. Dele Olugbemi, has decided to embrace peace. That is the impression many will take away from the statement coming from him asking his colleagues to accept the judgment of the Supreme Court giving Fayose victory over the suit filed against his qualification to contest as governor. And this will be a step in the right direction if he is truly embracing peace, though Omirin has not said he and his APC colleagues in the House are discontinuing with their impeachment moves against Governor Ayo Fayose. But truth be told, can the 19 All Progressives Congress lawmakers be seen to be pursuing an altruistic course with their impeachment move at this Eleventh Hour, even though it is dismaying that rampaging Governor Fayose has been working with an assembly of just seven members? But the path of peace is not to compound the already convoluted Ekiti situation with an impeachment move against a governor that is ready to bring down the entire roof rather than go down alone. The path of peace is to find accommodation in the House, to find an amicable arrangement to work together, more so when what is left of the lawmakers’ tenure is just about a month and a new assembly has been elected by the people of the state to take over from them in June. Right thinking people in the society would interpret Omirin’s statement to mean he is ready for peace. This is perhaps why foremost legal luminary, Chief Afe Babalola, commended Omirin and asked him to be the rallying point to bring all the assemblymen together, after all is n’t he the bonafide Speaker of the House. If Omirin did that, he would have written his name in gold in Ekiti. What the 19 APC lawmakers need now is to wind down honourably not to engage in any impeachment move that is very unlikely to sail through.



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