Proshare Nigeria Launches Mobile App

The multiple awards winning Proshare known for its continuous innovation is delighted to announce that the Proshare Mobile App is now live on Android mobile devices. This development is coming as a response to feedbacks received from you our esteemed readers and subscribers on the need to make credible financial information readily available to you seamlessly.  

Recall that on February 29, 2016, Proshare launched a more robust hub – the Proshare 10.0 with the aim of consolidating her subsidiaries into a single hub which is in line with her mission to remain innovative and offer a platform of resources that can enable individuals and business thrive under the current economic climate. The Mobile App is a continuum of the Proshare 10.0, accentuating our commitment and mission.

According to Proshare’s Technical Director/Chief Operating Officer, Mrs. Reshu BAGGA, the Mobile App is one that has been designed to make information across all Proshare’s segments – markets, business, economy, finance, start ups, technology, regulators and Webtv; readily available with ease. The first release of the Proshare App is android compliant while the IOS compliant version would be available in Quarter 2 of 2017. The Mobile App contains features such as News, Videos, Data from the NSE, FMDQ and NASD. In addition, users of the Mobile App get to, not only be in control of the category of news and videos viewed via the “select news” and “select video channels to be viewed’’ feature but also receive alerts on happenings within the financial market. These features have been designed to make our esteemed users, clients and subscribers stay informed.

As always, Proshare remains committed to providing credible, reliable and timely information while we seek to enlighten, educate and empower our users.






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