Seyi Law Insists on Carrying out Protest on Feb. 6

Even since the announcement by music star Innocent Idibia a.k.a. 2Face backing out of the highly-celebrated February 6th protest in Abuja and Lagos, Nigerians, his fans and colleagues have been in shock.

Ace comedian, Oluwaseyitan Lawrence a.k.a Seyi Law, who publicly pledged his support to the African Queen crooner is still beside himself in shock and has vowed to go ahead with the planned protest.

In his post on Instagram, Seyi Law said: “I am giving Nigerians the assurance that I will be at the stadium tomorrow. We have a right to our protest. I absolutely understand @official2baba, but I am not backing out”.

In a further post the comedian expressed his frustrations with the turn of event, saying “how our greatest weapons have been used against us.”

In his words: “My pain in the face of our challenges is how our greatest weapons have been used against us. God is supposed to be our greatest tool of deliverance and projection into our unknown future.


“The government ought to help us organize our collective ideas and smoothen our path to freedom and development.

“Gun, a potent tool of protection and reassurance of territorial power.

“The cord that ties these three power tools together is human and the knife that cuts them is politics.

“The hunger for the government has caused some men to politicise god, creating chaos through our religion and oppressing us with guns. It was supposed to be a protest highlighting and stating our desire for good governance, but again politics has to be played and with their tools of government and gun, we have been muted.

“Let them rejoice in the power they hold, but please remind them that death will someday knock on the door. The grave will hold them down and their children will behold the strength in our unity. Silence us today and your children will be silent tomorrow while we speak. I believe in this nation and the emancipation of all. I won’t stop speaking and I know the tides of time will change and usher in a new dawn. Thanks @official2baba, God bless you for standing with us”.



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