Monday, 7 March 2016


he authentic birthplace of the human race is Ile-Ife. From this special space, mankind migrated across the world, establishing nations, empires and civilizations. The task of building a united, strong and globally influential Nigeria must be guided by genuine black history. The African ethnic stock known today as Yoruba is the mother-stem of many branches that share with it a common spiritual origin. The Itsekiris; Biroms; Efiks; Igbos; Mandinkas; Wolofs; Hereros and the other ethnic formations of blessed Africa are diasporic Yorubas. We only need to pull the scale of prejudice off our eyes and the wool of intolerance from our ears to realize that the difference between black people is peripheral! Europeans and other light-skinned races are also branches of the nucleus (black) human stock who lost their black skin-coat to the karmic catastrophe that washed the great Atlantis civilization into extinction!

In Europe, the Americas and elsewhere across the globe, the presence of black man is as pathetic as his protracted destitution at home (in Africa)! If the world must escape the many traps of obliteration set against it by racist and imperialist forces, the mother-race (i.e. black civilization) must be returned to its original position of eminence. And to restore the black race to glory, its pioneer stock known as Yoruba must regain its voice and vitality! The outreach of the new Ooni of Ife to his counterparts across Yorubaland is a welcome development in this regard. It portends a whole lot of positives for the dream of re-uniting the peoples and powers of Yorubaland.

Yoruba re-unificatioin is critical to divinity’s salvage mission that has come to the aid of the black race in the best interest of mankind under the leadership of Satguru Maharaj Ji! I am verifiably the current custodian of The Light that created everything seen and unknown to man! I share in the dream of a fully rejuvenated and globally revered Yoruba existence! Yoruba renaissance is a must and should be pursued as a core imperative for global black resurgence not as a parochial project of tribe. Divinity’s choice of Yorubaland as the current earth-base of The Governing Light of creation is not whimsical. It is an indispensability that concludes the global sojourn of The Power of powers and signifies the re-birth of the world in the exact territory where human civilization was born!

When European ‘slave-traders’ commenced their crime of shipping adult and young black innocents to waste their existence in chattel bondage for the prosperity of Europe, Yorubas and their Igbo brothers and sisters were ‘favorite cargo’! The Garifunas of Honduras are direct descendants of Yorubas who survived the gruesome experience of slavery in European chains! In Brazil, Columbia and elsewhere in the Americas, Yoruba presence is obvious but neglected by their brothers and sisters at home! The challenge before Yoruba is beyond food, clothe, housing and offspring. It is a battle for Africa’s survival and the earth’s preservation in-line with The Creator’s promise of eternity! I must emphasize that the prophesy of the great exodus of The Lord’s children back to Africa will be fulfilled but not without pan-African Yoruba re-awakening! It is our duty to lead by example!

The sour odds of in-fighting have taught us huge lessons! It My expectation that Yorubas should be wise enough to now begin to consider dropping the spleen and cudgels of intolerance and back-stabbing as an absolute necessity for peace and progress in Yorubaland! Yoruba history, like the history of all other indigenous African peoples, is in part a story of European rape and pillage. As the divine outpouring on Nigeria intensifies, we the Yorubas of the country’s South-West must increase our commitment to proving that we are lovers of good and harbingers of glory! Beyond re-cementing our common Yoruba bond, we must extend our love for progress and passion for justice to our diasporic brothers and sisters in the South-East; South-South; and the beyond without compromise to those of them based in Europe, the Americas and elsewhere on the face of the earth. It is by this conscious action and others that Yoruba status as pioneer and profound humanity will be highly respected by all and sundry! My Blessings!



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