Monday, 7 March 2016

There is now a breather of sort for embattled Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Acting or is it substantive National Chairman, Ali Modu Sheriff.  The main organs of the party during the week agreed to allow him hold the office…but well for just three months. Sheriff, foisted on the party by its governors particularly Nyesome Wike and Ayo Fayose, had held on as chairman precariously for one long week. The party’s Board of Trustees, National Assembly Caucus and newly-created Forum of Ex-ministers among others had opposed his emergence. Now, he and the National Working Committee of the party are to use the period to prepare grounds for the national convention where new officers will be picked. Though Sheriff has won one battle, but he has taken up yet another fight: he wants to deal with former Aviation Minister Femi Fani-Kayode who called Boko Haram founder. Sheriff had said this time round, those who called him the sponsor of Boko Haram, particularly Fani-Kayode, would not go scot free. This extant fight seems to be the main fight, the fight of Sheriff’s life, as it were, given the fact that that many share that opinion about Sheriff with Fani-Kayode.

But in the ensuing fight the PDP Chairman seems to have his match in the former Aviation Minister who says he is waiting for him. Fani-Kayode says he cannot be intimidated. The former minister had said: “We are more than ready to meet Senator Ali Modu Sheriff in court. It would be a pleasure to expose him for what he is. The days of intimidating, silencing and threatening others are long over. If Sheriff is a Goliath, let him be rest assured that he has finally met his David. Needless to say we stand by everything that we have said”. How will this fight play out? Who will blink first? Many will be waiting for the firework to begin, and perhaps they can hardly wait. Oh! Let the battle begin.



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