Policeman Allegedly Shoots Three in Ilorin

There was pandemonium in Sawmill, Ilorin, Kwara State on Friday when a policemen attached to a branch of First Bank in the area, allegedly went berserk and shot three people.

Bank customers, passers-by and shop owners in the area scampered for safety as the policeman shot sporadically for about 10 minutes.

The incident happened at about 4:30 pm and three victims including one Akin Olaniyi were hit by the stray bullets.

Eye witnesses informed Channels Television that the policeman earlier had a face-off with a commercial motor cyclist.

The policeman who was said to have been drunk challenged the motorcyclist for driving illegally through the median on the road.


Consequently an argument reportedly ensued between them.

It was learnt that the policeman thereafter went into the security post within the bank premises, took his gun and threatened to shoot the motorcyclist.

According to eyewitnesses, in what seemed like a scene from an action film, the policeman reportedly opened fire, shooting volley of bullets, which hit the motorcyclist, a teenage boy and a man returning home from his workplace.

Giving account of the incident a commercial motorcyclist, Raheem Kazeem said: “The policeman was coming from a joint where he usually goes to drink dry gin when he accosted the motorcyclist and challenged him for passing the route.

“The policeman who was on mufti at the time, ordered the Okada man (bike rider) to turn back but he refused to turn back, which led to a fight. The security man then threatened to kill the motorcyclist.

“The policeman left only to come back armed with a gun. He first of all shot into the air, which made people around run for dear lives.

“The officer then took the bike into the bank premises before he came back again and began shooting sporadically. In the process three people were hit by stray bullets.

“A teenage boy who was running errands for his mother was among those hit by bullets,” He recounted.

A resident of the area, who simply identified himself as Dimeji said there was panic when gunshots were heard.

“We thought it was cultists’ attack when gunshots were heard. People scampered for safety; motorcyclists left their motorcycles and took cover. It was later we got picture of the incident. It is quite unfortunate,” He added.

Recounting his ordeal on Saturday when Channels Television visited one of the victims, Olaniyi, who was admitted at the Ilorin General Hospital, he said he hid behind a container when he heard gunshot but was eventually hit by the bullets.

“I was on my way home from work when I heard gunshots and saw people running. I took cover behind a container but bullets pierced the container and hit me on the side. I guess I passed out immediately and when I opened my eyes I saw myself on hospital bed.”

A source at the hospital revealed that a surgery was being performed on the victim to extract bullets while he is still expected to undergo another operation to remove the remaining.

Reports say the policeman was later taken to an unknown hospital for treatment from injuries suffered from a mob action.

Reacting to the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Ajayi Okasanmi said he was, “yet to be fully briefed on the matter.”



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